Is Your Child Showing an Interest in Gymnastics?

Check out our kids gymnastics academy in Amarillo, TX

Gymnastics classes are not only great for improving your child's motor skills, but they're also a great way for your child to have fun and get active in a safe environment. If your child is interested in gymnastics, sign them up for our kids gymnastics academy in Amarillo, TX. The Mighty Nippers class at AKM United Stars Gymnastics Academy welcomes kids aged four to five years old. Your child will learn the basics of gymnastics while having fun and staying active!

Our Mighty Nippers work on levels one through four of our achievers program. Find out more about our structured gymnastics classes by calling +1 (806) 673-3544 now.

Flip into the world of gymnastics

As your child advances through our structured gymnastics classes, we'll help them hone their skills and eventually introduce a more advanced curriculum. This could include:

  • Proper form
  • Skill stations
  • Routine concepts
  • Advanced apparatuses

Allow your child to hone their flexibility and strength by enrolling them in our kids gymnastics academy. Reach out to us now to find out how you can sign up.