Turn Your Tot Into a True Gymnast

Sign your toddler up for our preschooler gymnastics classes in Amarillo, TX

Looking to sign your child up for an extracurricular activity? We have just the idea. AKM United Stars Gymnastics Academy offers preschooler gymnastics classes at our school in Amarillo, TX. This class is for three- to four-year-old preschoolers who are ready to enter the gym without parental assistance. Our little gymnasts are taught basic skills on all apparatuses. We'll focus on coordination, balance, strength and flexibility. Your child will also get to work towards earning stickers, badges and certificates.

Our gymnastics classes for kids keep your child moving for the entire session. Contact us today to learn about our Tumble Tots class schedule.

Know what's involved in a Tumble Tots class

Interested in signing your child up for Tumble Tots? We'd love to have them! Our preschooler gymnastics classes involve:

  • Warmup exercises and stretching routines
  • Skill-building exercises on balance beams, mats and bars
  • Games and interactive activities
  • Regular progress assessments

We also use a variety of safety equipment and tools so your child can run, jump and flip in a controlled environment. Call +1 (806) 673-3544 today to sign up for our gymnastics classes for kids.